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Your Daily Spiritual Coach

What can you expect in love, work, money and health?

Discover what the future holds for you with accurate daily horoscopes, personalized tarot readings and love compatibility tests.

Astroguide covers the 12 zodiac signs:
♈ Aries
♉ Taurus
♊ Gemini
♋ Cancer
♌ Leo
♍ Virgo
♎ Libra
♏ Scorpio
♐ Sagittarius
♑ Capricorn
♒ Aquarius
♓ Pisces


  • Horoscopes

    5 new horoscopes everyday
    Love, sexuality, money, career and health

  • Signs Compatibility

    Check how your zodiac sign matches with the 11 other ones

  • Tarot Reading

    3 themes to choose from: love, work and finance
    5 types of drawings, from 1 to 5 tarot cards

  • Zodiac Facts

    The best quotes and traits of each sign

"I love how easy it is to understand, would recommend it to any body. Thanks again" Debbie

"I like the breakdown of each category. I like the way it puts things into easy-to-understand terms. Pretty cool app" Kala

"On point with my everyday horoscopes and cute layout" Monika